Festive Offer!

We're celebrating a birthday; it's the festive season; do we need any other excuse?! To celebrate (both!) we've got a time-specific offer available to any new Criton customer who is looking to digitise their guest book! If you publish your WebApp by December 31st 2018 we'll cover your setup fee costs!

If you haven't heard about WebApp's before check out our handy guide here. Essentially they are almost identical to an app in the Apple or Google Play Stores, but you access them via a URL and save them to your mobile home screen.  They're particularly handy if you're looking to digitise that dusty guest book in your guests' bedrooms and create a product (for your guests own phone) which they can access whenever they need to - pre, during and post stay.

Why WebApp?

  • Share information about your facilities
  • Increase direct (and repeat) bookings
  • No need for app stores
  • Embed TripAdvisor to encourage reviews
  • Add info on how to find and contact you
  • Share important info such as wifi passwords!