Nira Caledonia

As one of the finest luxury boutique hotels in Edinburgh, Nira Caledonia welcomes independent-minded travellers from all over the world who are looking to experience the best there is in the Scottish capital city.

Nira Caledonia offers their guest a vast amount of amenities, such as flat-screen televisions, Nespresso coffee machines and a restaurant. Ensuring their guests can make the most of their stay is therefore essential. They should be able to book a table at the restaurant easily, work out how to use the equipment quickly and discover which places to see in the capital in a convenient way.

Nira Caledonia’s mobile app provides all of this. They designed their app so their guests have absolutely everything they need on their own devices. Their booking system is integrated into the app for the hotel and the restaurant. As they know what attractions are best, they included all their recommendations in their app, meaning their guests can have access to this information even when they are out and about.

Their app truly ensures their guests a stress-free, 5-star stay in Edinburgh. Discover all the features they used in their app below.


“The app builder is very intuitive and easy to use. It produces slick results which look, feel and operate exceptionally well. After an hour or so you get into the swing and it’s all very easy to use. An excellent and simple investment for the hospitality industry in the digital age”

Chris Lynch, General Manager

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