Dunstane Houses

The Dunstane Houses in Edinburgh comprises two twin-set Victorian town houses – Dunstane House and Hampton House – offering 35 bedrooms, each uniquely styled to balance timeless tradition and modern comfort. The luxury boutique hotel is an independent family-run business and its design inspired by the family’s Orkney Islands heritage and the neoclassical design of old-town Edinburgh.

After a complete refurbishment in 2017, the owners decided that they did not want any bulky in-room folders, paperwork or advertising on the desks within the rooms anymore as it would not fit the evocative interior and unique character of the suites. That’s why they choose to have a hotel app that would give their guests access to all the information at any time on their own devices.

Caroline Franceschi, Operations Manager, explained that Criton provides an app that fits in with their vision of giving this extra personal touch and excellent service to their guests. Guests can download the app prior to their arrival at the hotel and get useful information about their stay and recommendations on what to do in the city. The guest app is fully personalised to the Dunstane Houses brand and helps enhance the guest experience by giving that extra touch. For instance, the app contains a historical walk which guests access when they are in town exploring Scotland’s capital.

The app also helps Dunstane Houses to save time and money as the housekeepers don’t have to change the guest directory information every day or reprint menus if they have been updated. Now, with their new app, it is much easier as the information can be updated instantly and at any time.

Dunstane Houses recently won Best Boutique Hotel at the Scottish Hotel Awards 2018. Owner Shirley Mowat was also named Independent Hotelier of the Year.


“Today’s traveller wants information really quickly but it’s also about finding the balance between giving that to them but also that personal service. We do a very detailed check-in and the app is there if they forget any of that. It’s about having it available easily and quickly. With Criton’s app builder it is incredibly easy to create an app, and everyone can do it”, Caroline Franceschi explained. “Criton’s support has been fantastic and it’s always just a short email away.”

Caroline Franceschi, Operations Manager


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