Auchrannie Resort

“The feedback that we’ve had from guests is genuinely exceptionally positive. Guests love the fact that they can easily access the information they are looking for but more importantly that they can take it with them"

Gordon Hay, Business Development Manager

Founded in 1988 on the Isle of Arran, Auchrannie Resort offers high-quality accommodations with a wide range of options, including a SPA and two restaurants. The resort is acclaimed by the industry and by its guests, receiving many awards and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Guest experience is at the core of Auchrannie’s missions and values.

Naturally, as digital is becoming more and more important for travellers, Auchrannie looked for ways to enrich their guest experience through technology. They opted for a mobile app to give their guests all the information they need on their own devices. They crafted an app that truly reflects their brand, from the design to the messaging and the quality of the information it contains.  From restaurant online booking to recommendations on what to do on the Isle of Arran, Auchrannie’s app is the perfect tool to ensure a great guest experience in this digital age.

Successfully integrating the app into their booking and check-in process, Auchrannie Resort recently reached 15,500 downloads of their app.

Auchrannie Resort


"The app has been hugely beneficial to us and our guests. By encouraging guests to download the app prior to getting here, they arrive with more knowledge about the resort and the island – providing them with a better experience. And, having used the app to replace our traditional in-room information folders – we have saved hours every week checking and ensuring the paper folders were up to date.”

Gordon Hay, ‎Business Development Manager


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