Drive guest engagement

Boutique Hotels

Refine and personalise your guest experience. According to Phocuswright Travel Study, nearly 6 in 10 (57%) travellers feel that travel brands should personalise guest information. At Criton, we set out to help boutique and independent hotels to deliver superb guest satisfaction and make them feel instantly at home. 

From digitising your guest directory to creating a single portal for all communications, Criton puts you in complete control of your guests' experience and gives you access to the same technology that the big chains already adopt. Create your own branded app and share your local knowledge and
drive guest engagement.

How Criton can help boutique hotels

  • Enhance the guest satisfaction
  • Impress your guests by giving them a extra personal touch
  • Share recommendations prior to their arrival
  • Save printing costs and be sustainable

Find out how Criton helped boutique hotel Dunstane Houses