The Best Online Groups and Forums for Vacation Rental Professionals and Airbnb Hosts

07th August 2017

Like many other vacation rental professionals, you have probably wondered what to do in certain tricky situations or you are always on the lookout for some good tips to boost your property and get more bookings. Fortunately, there are a lot of online communities with other like-minded hospitality professionals. On most platforms, you can find large global groups or more local communities. Here are below some of our recommendations.  


With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform by far. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of groups for vacation rental owners and Airbnb hosts. You can look for global groups, like the ones in our list below, or you can also search for more local groups.  


LinkedIn is often viewed as a more professional platform. It is probably the best way to keep yourself up to date with new trends, technology and regulations as other hosts will share this content in those groups. There are many groups for hospitality professionals, including for vacation rental owners. Here are some groups that we recommend:  

Forums and discussions platforms

Reddit is one of the biggest discussion platforms in the world. It is divided into “subreddits” around any kind of topics. You do not need to use your real name to create an account, most users use a pseudonym, which can be great if you do not want to give too much information about yourself. One of the most active subreddits in the hospitality sector is the Airbnb subreddit. It is mostly for hosts, to discuss best practices or share tips on how to face particular situations. It is a great place where you can learn from other hosts’ experience and mistakes. There are also other subreddits that may be of interest, even though they are not directly related to vacation rentals, such as Interior Decorating.  

The name says it all. This forum is dedicated to Airbnb hosts. It has gathered an important community of hosts from different countries and is pretty active. You will find all kinds of discussions, from tips to stories about hosting with Airbnb. Even if you are not using Airbnb, this can be a great resource as a lot of tips are about providing a better guest experience and many hosts also use other platforms to rent their property.  

Lay My Hat is another forum for holiday rental owners. With over 8,000 users, there are good opportunities to discuss with other owners and even get feedback for your property or your website if you want to.  

Smarthosts is another platform for vacation rental professionals. There are fewer discussions between users but a lot of useful content is shared on a daily basis, which can help you boost your holiday rental.  


Most of the groups we have shown you above are limited to online discussions. is a great platform to meet other people with similar interests in your area. There are a lot of vacation rental meetups organised all over the world. To join them, you simply need to create an account and search for groups around your location. It can be a great way to network with other vacation rental professionals and share tips. If like us you are based in Edinburgh or around, there is a Vacation Rental Managers meetup that you can attend: Vacation Rental Managers Meetup