How to get the most out of your hotel social media channels

03rd June 2019

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Each social media channel has it’s own characteristics and enables you to reach different audiences, solve different challenges and achieve different goals for your hotel. Let's find out how you can maximise the benefits of each channel in your hotel social media strategy. 


Use Facebook to share photos, events and news about your hotel. People might visit your Facebook page before booking to find out more about the hotel, have a better feel of what is the property like and what you offer. If you invite your guests who enjoyed their stay to follow you on Facebook, you will be able to create a community of people who “like” you and want to hear from you as they might return. Get creative and try to share unique content that shows your personality. Below a great example from Gleneagles Hotel

Gleneagles hotel


Instagram is all about beautiful images of an aspirational lifestyle or a fascinating place to visit. Make your hotel shine on Instagram! This is the platform where you want to adopt a style and stick to it to give consistency to your profile and be recognised easily. People scroll quickly, and if your photos have always similar tones, filters or colours, it will be easy for people to always recognise you. Instagram gives you the opportunity to show what is unique about your hotel. Remember to include plenty of relevant hashtags.

Below two examples of how a hotel Instagram account can be easily recognisable because of its style or dominance of one specific colour (The Mandrake Hotel on the left and The Dorchester Collection on the right).

The Mandrake Hotel instagram   Dorchester instagram


Engaging content is particularly important on Twitter as, with 175 million tweets daily, there is a lot of noise here. Videos, gifs or stunning shots will really help you stand out of the crowd. Always keep in mind that Twitter is a conversational channel (probably more than others), so don’t tweet and then forget you did. Engagement is crucial on Twitter, so make the most of it and like other posts, retweet, leave comments and, most importantly, reply to the comments on your tweets. Here’s an example of a visually engaging picture used by Cheval Residences.

Cheval twitter


LinkedIn is mainly used by businesses and professionals, so don’t waste your time promoting special offers on this channel. Use it, instead, to show that your business has a personality and is made of people. Share photos of your staff and their story; announce the new award-winning chef of your restaurant; let everyone know about the awards you win, your latest facilities or the adoption of new technology.

LinkedIn Mariott

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