Celebrating #IWD2019

08th March 2019

Julie, Founder & CEO: On International Woman's Day I want to shout out to all the amazing women who inspire me, too numerous to name. Equally important to shout out to the men who inspire me and have encouraged me throughout my career. I've been so fortunate to have had (and still do) the most amazing mentors of both genders. That's why I'm supporting alanceForBetter and why I've become a Women Enterprise Scotland Ambassador.

Laura, Business Development Manager, Scotland: In the hospitality industry women make up 60% of the workforce yet only 6% are at senior or board-level positions. Last year The Caterer Magazine announced their 100 Most Powerful List with the first woman appearing at number 35 (but jointly with a man) and across the entire list, there were only 12 women, with 8 of them recognised in their own right, without a male partner. That’s 8% of the Top 100. We need to ensure we #BalanceForBetter and highlight ongoing inequality during #IWD2019.

Valerie, Senior Marketing Executive: Being a millennial, I’m confronted by countless negative press stories about how my generation is lazy, demanding and difficult to manage. This might be a concern for some business leaders, as millennials are expected to make up 75 per cent (35% women) of the workforce by 2025, but these stereotypes are greatly embellished. Millennial women are changing traditional leadership in so many ways. We have more self-confidence as we were raised as problem solvers and this positive attitude will help us to accomplish our goals. We are willing to go our own way and have higher expectations from our career path. We are aware of our strengthens and weaknesses but always try to improve them and seek constant feedback. This feedback will help us to further develop our self and become great leader and visionaries. Campaigns such as #IWD2019 are a great initiative to raise awareness and to promote woman on their career. #BalanceForBetter

Michelle, Account Manager: Throughout my academic career it was pushed upon me to believe women cannot be in senior management roles as they are emotional, irrational and weaker than men. As a young woman just starting out in my career I have leadership ambitions and want to prove that while our genders are different, it shouldn't mean that we aren’t equal. We should embrace our differences and empower each other to achieve our goals. In the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Being a Feminist does not mean being feminine. It means being wise enough to know that we are all equal and that we support equality.

Melissa, Business Development Manager, London: This week PWC launched their 2019 Women In Work Index, which stated that the gender pay gap for women working in hospitality is reducing. However while average year-on-yr earnings for women have increased 20%, the number of women employed within the sector mean that the actual gender pay gap is still significant. There is still lots to do to address this and on #IWD2019 we seek a #BalanceForBetter and greater equality across the industry.

Rachel, Software Developer: Criton embraces diversity in the workplace - amongst us we have people from different countries, of different ages, with different backgrounds and viewpoints. Despite that, I am the only female in our software development team. The reason for this isn't, I suspect, because Criton prefers male developers but rather because software development is traditionally seen as a male-dominated profession, and women aren't encouraged to enter the field so there are fewer of us about. Initiatives like #BalanceForBetter are a great way to address this imbalance and I look forward to seeing greater gender balance in my profession in the future.

Susan, Head of Marketing: With a background in tourism, I’ve spent my career working in an industry where women make up 60% of the workforce.  In the word of tech, that statistic drops to 25% and one of the amazing things about Criton is how diverse our workforce is.  Every International Women’s Day we’re reminded about how much work is still needed to address equality, regardless of the industry and on #IWD2019 I ask that those in leadership positions empower their colleagues and teams to be ambitious and be rewarded equally and fairly, regardless of gender.