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Criton partners with independent hotels and serviced apartment operators to help them innovate with mobile apps, enhance the customer experience and increase revenue. Our experts bring you the latest news, industry insights and opinions here on our blog.

Put guests' safety first with your own hotel app - free until 2021

At Criton we are determined to help hotels now so that when the crisis is over they will be ready. 

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5 Effective Ways To Use Technology To Increase Hotel Revenue

Find out 5 effective ways hotels can adopt the latest technology to improve communication with their guests and thus increase their overall revenue.

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10 reasons why your hotel needs an app post COVID-19

Find out the top 10 reasons why your hotel or serviced apartment needs a mobile app for the guest experience post COVID-19.

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How a hotel app can help improve the guest experience

What are the benefits of a hotel app and how can it improve the guest experience? Find out in this article.  

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Introducing Criton 2.0 - The Epitome of Digital Luxury

Deliver the next generation guest experience today with Criton 2.0

Criton 2.0 lets hotels offer their guests the choice of a fully digital guest journey

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7 simple ways to promote your hotel app and ensure it's a success

We have compiled a list with our top tips to promote your app and make sure it’s a success. 

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A ‘Handy’ Alternative: Your Own Hotel App

The downfall of one of the most prominent hotel technology companies brings back to the fore a focus on the main debate. Are in-room devices what guests really want?

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By Mansley turns to Criton technology to Inspire Loyalty

The Mansley Group has partnered with Criton and Inspire Loyalty to enhance guest engagement and loyalty with a guest app for all its properties

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4 tips for hotels to increase repeat stays

Find out how you can ensure that all the efforts you made to deliver a great guest experience will help you turn your guests into loyal customers. 

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Why hotels need to adopt a mobile-first mindset to deliver a seamless guest experience

Mobile is not a channel. It is a fundamental part of our lifestyle.

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[eBook]: How a hotel app can help to improve your guest experience

In our latest eBook, we highlight how you can future-proof your business and get the most out of a hotel app and engage with your guests before, during and after their stay. 

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Why hotels should adopt mobile key to unlock a great guest experience

There is a clear demand for hotels to speed up the arrival process. Keyless entry solutions offer a convenient and modern solution.

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[Infographic] 5 Must-Have Features for your App

Great ideas for your self-catering app content

Self-catering owners spend time polishing their guest welcome book & updating content. With new technology, you can now digitise your guest book!

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Do’s and Don’ts When Building a Hotel App

An app can truly enhance your guest experience and save time & money

Have you decided to build a guest app for your holiday property or your hotel?  Here are our top do’s and don’ts when building a mobile app and avoid common mistakes.

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Up-sell your Hotel Services

Discover 3 key ways to up-sell your services with a digital portal

An app can be much more than a simple guide - discover 3 simple and efficient ways to highlight and up-sell your hotel’s services.

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Channel your inner Richard Branson

Ever wanted to be more like Richard Branson? With Criton you can actually out-do him!

Compete with Richard Branson's hotel chain by working with Criton to create your own digital portal - perfect for entrepreneurs!

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Can a hotel have too much technology?

Discover Julie's blog on current trends across accommodations

CEO blog: To state my credentials, I travel a lot  so this is not just written as the owner of a hotel tech company, it is written as a regular consumer of hotel services!

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The Most Popular Features in Hotel Apps

Discover what content is the most used by hotel guests

There are so many different features and types of content that can be added to a guest app, we looked to see what features are most used by hotel guests to help you!

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NEW: multiple property functionality

Here’s why it will be a game changer for the hospitality sector

In summer 2018 we launched a hospitality industry-first with multiple property group functionality with Cheval Residences the first brand to adopt the new product.

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