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Criton partners with independent hotels and serviced apartment operators to help them innovate with mobile apps, enhance the customer experience and increase revenue. Our experts bring you the latest news, industry insights and opinions here on our blog.

Introducing Criton 2.0 - The Epitome of Digital Luxury

Deliver the next generation guest experience today with Criton 2.0

Criton 2.0 lets hotels offer their guests the choice of a fully digital guest journey

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[eBook] How To Deliver The Technology That Big Hotel Chains Have Already Adopted

Discover what to do to keep up with guests’ technological demands.

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[eBook] 7 Eco-Friendly Initiatives for Your Hotel

Our latest ebook explores 7 eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives to help you to maximise your green credentials and implement a strong CSR strategy.

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Budgeting to deliver the highest ROI

It’s that time of year again, budgets are front and centre and it’s time to make those crucial decisions that will take you through to the end of 2020.

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[eBook] Total Revenue Management

What is Total Revenue Management and why is everyone talking about it? Find out the key foundation principles, the new revenue drivers and much more in our latest ebook. 

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3 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Initiatives for Conscious Hotels

It seems like no matter where you look, sustainability is becoming one of the most talked-about issues facing society.

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7 simple ways to promote your hotel app and ensure it's a success

We have compiled a list with our the top tips to promote your app and make sure it’s a success. 

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The emerging trend of hotel Total Revenue Management

Total Revenue Management relates to capturing mostly untapped revenue and profit potential, associated with hotels’ non-room revenue-generating opportunities.

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A ‘Handy’ Alternative: Your Own Hotel App

The downfall of one of the most prominent hotel technology companies brings back to the fore a focus on the main debate. Are in-room devices what guests really want?

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7 Best Practices to Ensure Positive Hotel Guest Reviews

Find out the 7 best practices to follow that will help you provide the best guest experience possible and ensure that you get many positive guest reviews.

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Criton is proud to partner with the Independent Hotel Show

We are delighted to have partnered with the Independent Hotel Show and to sponsor the Conscious Hotel Bedroom.

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Google's new hotel booking site: the impact and what to do

Find out how the Google Hotel Booking Engine is impacting online booking sites and what hotels need to do to take advantage of this new platform.

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6 Ways Hotels Can Boost Their Visibility Online

Read six effective ways for hotels to increase online visibility and win new direct bookings.

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5 Hotel Guest Expectations You Need to Know

In the digital age, as technology and digital communication continue to advance, the landscape of guest-facing technology has changed. Discover what your guests really want. 


Criton featured in Skift's Top Travel Startups To Watch

We are delighted to announce that Criton made it into the list of the Top Travel Startups to Watch in 2019!

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[eBook] The Top Hotel Marketing Trends in 2019

In this eBook, we dive into the top hotel marketing trends in 2019, their impact on the hospitality industry and how they will be changing the way hotels operate. 

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By Mansley turns to Criton technology to Inspire Loyalty

The Mansley Group has partnered with Criton and Inspire Loyalty to enhance guest engagement and loyalty with a guest app for all its properties

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[eBook] How Hotels Can Increase Revenue Through Personalisation

Find out how you can personalise the experience of every guest in our latest eBook.

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4 tips for hotels to increase repeat stays

Find out how you can ensure that all the efforts you made to deliver a great guest experience will help you turn your guests into loyal customers. 

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5 ways to personalise the guest experience and increase revenue

Read 5 ways to personalise the guest experience and increase your hotel revenue

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The importance of personalisation in the hospitality industry

Consumers are increasingly asking for personalised experiences and companies that heed this message reap the reward.

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5 ways personalisation can help hotels boost direct bookings

Find out how hotels can deliver personalised experiences and boost direct booking and increase revenue.

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[eBook] The Ultimate Hoteliers Guide to Today's Tech-Savvy Guests

Find out the needs of the modern traveller and how you can leverage mobile technology to deliver a great guest experience in our latest eBook.

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12 social media marketing tips for hotels

We have compiled a list of social media marketing tips to help marketers working in the hospitality industry create an effective and successful social media strategy.

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How to get the most out of your hotel social media channels

Each social media platform enables you to reach different audiences and achieve different goals. Find out how you can maximise the benefits of each channel in your hotel social media strategy. 

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A peek inside the loyalty programmes of the world’s largest hotels

Hotel loyalty programmes offer a unique opportunity to generate repeat business and increase direct bookings, but getting guests to buy-in and engage is not an easy task. 

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Hotel technology: a context for the rise in personalisation

Hoteliers have always focused on the guest experience, but never before has a guest’s experience outside of the hotel room mattered almost as much as their experience within the room.

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Celebrating the success of women working in hospitality and tourism

On Thursday 16th May 2019 the BWS Women in Hospitality and Tourism Awards took place at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh and we were delighted to be the headline sponsor of the event.

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Why hotels should adopt mobile key to unlock a great guest experience

There is a clear demand for hotels to speed up the arrival process. Keyless entry solutions offer a convenient and modern solution.

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App Attack. The concierge apps of the world’s largest hotels

Hotels are responding to the ever-increasing demand for more personalised experiences with concierge apps. Take a look at the mobile apps of the world’s largest hotels.

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Top 30 mobile marketing stats for hotels in 2019

To help you meet the needs and wants of the modern guest, we have compiled a list of the top mobile marketing statistics you need to know.

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Why every hotel needs a digital strategy

Digital strategies are now of primary importance as they are enabling hotels to be more responsive to guests’ needs as well as improving efficiencies, reducing costs and focusing on the financial performance of the property.

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A peek inside Marriott and Ritz-Carlton's social media strategies

Hotels, such as the Marriott and Ritz Carlton, are increasingly leveraging the power of guests’ social media posts as a form of organic marketing.

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[eBook]: How the top hotels in the world developed a perfect digital strategy

In our latest eBook, we look at how big hotel brands, like the Hilton or Marriott, developed their digital strategies and how you can adopt technology to compete with them. 

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Celebrating the industry’s best at the 2019 Scottish Hotel Awards

In April 2019 the Scottish Hotel Awards took place at the Crown Plaza in Glasgow and we were delighted to be the headline sponsor of the event.

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Top 25 tips to increase hotel revenue and boost direct bookings

Here are our top ideas, you can use right now, to help you boost your levels of occupancy, reduce OTA commissions and bring in more income all year round.

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New research identifies the technology that hotel guests really want

Findings of new research reveal the importance of hotel apps to improve the experience of today’s travellers. Research shows that 74% of travellers would use a hotel app if their favourite hotel would have one.

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Criton and Cheval Residences shortlisted at The Catey Awards

We are delighted to have been shortlisted along with Cheval Residences for Best Use of Technology at the Catey Awards 2019.

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Why hotels need to adopt a mobile-first mindset to deliver a seamless guest experience

Mobile is not a channel. It is a fundamental part of our lifestyle.

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[eBook]: How a hotel app can help to improve your guest experience

In our latest eBook, we highlight how you can future-proof your business and get the most out of a hotel app and engage with your guests before, during and after their stay. 

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Celebrating the best in the hospitality and travel industry

Thursday 14 March was an exciting (and busy!) evening for Team Criton, as we were attending and sponsoring the VisitScotland Thistle Awards in Edinburgh and the Serviced Apartment Awards in London.

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Celebrating International Women's Day

On International Women's Day we're highlighting some of the fabulous women that work at Criton!

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The Top Hospitality Trends for 2019

Our Founder and CEO, Julie Grieve, sets out her predictions for 2019; from personalised experiences to AI, guest-facing technology and mobile. 

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Criton headline sponsor of the BWS Women in Hospitality & Tourism Awards 2019

We are delighted to be headline sponsor of this national event recognising women working in senior leadership roles across the visitor economy.

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Simplifying guest feedback with Criton’s latest technology integration

Delegates at the Hotel General Managers Conference were given the first chance to test out our latest product integration with GuestRevu. 


[eBook]: From AI to Zzzz's


Find out the top three things to look out for this year in our latest eBook.

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What a Year!

A look back at 2018 by Criton’s Founder & CEO Julie Grieve

On the 4th December Criton hit a big milestone – we turned two! Since the initial idea of digitising the guestbook for a luxury serviced apartment I was managing; to the business we have today, it’s fantastic to see what’s been achieved.

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Criton wins Best Technology Provider at Travolution Awards 2018

Criton takes home ‘Best Technology Provider’ for its dedication to enhancing guest experiences


Criton wins the Industry Breakthrough and Innovation Award at ASAP Awards 2018

Criton was delighted to take home the Industry Breakthrough and Innovation Award for ‘its innovative use of technology to enhance the guest experience’


Criton shortlisted for three awards at the Travolution Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce that Criton has been shortlisted for three awards at the 2018 Travolution Awards.


Criton proud to support industry awards and events in 2018

Proving our commitment to the hospitality industry, here at Criton we have aligned ourselves to some of the most prestigious and credible awards and events throughout 2018.


From Small Acorns

An autumn update from Criton’s Founder & CEO Julie Grieve

During the heat wave that swept across the UK at the start of this summer, I visited the beautiful Isle of Arran, just off the west coast of Scotland. Nicknamed ‘Scotland in miniature’, the small island is host to Auchrannie Resort, one of Criton’s early clients who launched their app 11 months ago. 

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NEW: multiple property functionality

Here’s why it will be a game changer for the hospitality sector

In summer 2018 we launched a hospitality industry-first with multiple property group functionality with Cheval Residences the first brand to adopt the new product.

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China flights land in Edinburgh

Criton's CEO, Julie Grieve comments on the new direct route to China

In 2018 Scotland welcomed its first direct flight from Bejing. Edinburgh is the most visited destination in the UK for Chinese travellers, outside London. 

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The Most Popular Features in Hotel Apps

Discover what content is the most used by hotel guests

There are so many different features and types of content that can be added to a guest app, we looked to see what features are most used by hotel guests to help you!

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Criton at the Scottish Hotel Awards

Celebrating and recognising the very best in the hotel industry

In April 2018 the Scottish Hotel Awards took place at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh and we were delighted to be the headline sponsor of the event.

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Heading to Hotelympia?

Criton create an app for those attending the show!

For delegates who headed to this year’s Hotelympia, we created a bespoke app to give the exhibition experience a whole new dimension.

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Can a hotel have too much technology?

Discover Julie's blog on current trends across accommodations

CEO blog: To state my credentials, I travel a lot  so this is not just written as the owner of a hotel tech company, it is written as a regular consumer of hotel services!

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Channel your inner Richard Branson

Ever wanted to be more like Richard Branson? With Criton you can actually out-do him!

Compete with Richard Branson's hotel chain by working with Criton to create your own digital portal - perfect for entrepreneurs!

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Discover all the buzz about PWA's

Here’s everything you need to know about PWA's

In early Spring 2018, we launched our Progressive Web App product.  While many were new to the concept; this is the future of technology.

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Up-sell your Hotel Services

Discover 3 key ways to up-sell your services with a digital portal

An app can be much more than a simple guide - discover 3 simple and efficient ways to highlight and up-sell your hotel’s services.

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#Scotlandhour: Digital Travel Takeover

A review of how our first hosted Twitter chat went - was great fun!

In Nov 2017 we co-hosted #Scotlandhour - a great occasion to share thoughts about how important digital technology is for guests and visitors in the travel sector.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Building a Hotel App

An app can truly enhance your guest experience and save time & money

Have you decided to build a guest app for your holiday property or your hotel?  Here are our top do’s and don’ts when building a mobile app and avoid common mistakes.

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Why you Should List on Airbnb

There are currently over 150 million people using Airbnb and over 3 million listings

Airbnb has traditionally been seen as a great platform for short-term vacation rentals. If you have not made the jump yet, here is why you should consider it.  

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[Infographic] 5 Must-Have Features for your App

Great ideas for your self-catering app content

Self-catering owners spend time polishing their guest welcome book & updating content. With new technology, you can now digitise your guest book!

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[Infographic] Social Media Do’s & Dont's for Hotels

Discover top tips for your social media marketing campaigns

Social media marketing has become very important for hotels and accommodation providers. Ace your social media marketing strategy with our tips below.

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Best online forums for Self Catering

Top tips for getting more direct bookings for your Self Catering property

Unsure what to do in tricky situations?  On most platforms, you can find large global groups or more local communities. Discover our recommendations.

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[eBook]: How to Compile a Guest Welcome Pack

Download our e-book for help on what to include in your app

In this guide, we cover what information to include in a guest welcome book and what you can add for your accommodation business. Click below to read our guide.

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[eBook]: The Definitive Guide to Getting More Bookings

Download our free e-book to secure more direct bookings

The hospitality industry is a competitive one. Whether you own a self-catering property, B&B or Guest House, you must differentiate your property and look great!

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How to Get More Downloads for your Accommodation Mobile App?

Your app has to become a full part of your accommodation and your communications.

Creating and publishing an app is the first step, but to make the most of it, you need to let your guests know that it exists and remind them whenever you possibly can.

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