Your own hotel app will include all the features you need to improve the guest experience, increase in-stay spend and boost engagement. They provide you with the tools to enable your guests to book everything you have to offer and streamline their experience, from smart check-in to digital door key.

Digital check-in

Streamline your operations

With or without a PMS integration, you can offer your guests a digital way to check-in to your property and prevent lengthy queues at reception at busy times.

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Digital Door Key

Key-less entry to your property

Speed up your guest check-in process and allow guests to unlock their room directly via their own device by integrating digital door key into your hotel app. 

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In-Room Ordering

Increase your F&B revenue

Accommodate in-room ordering, concierge requests, spa bookings and let your guests directly engage with your team via In-App Messaging.

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Loyalty Incentive

Reward your guests for repeat bookings

Encourage guests to book direct, saving on OTA commission and increasing revenue. Gain insight to how much your customers spend, when they last stayed and how often they visit.

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Push Notifications

Offers, alerts and reminders

Promote special offers or events; maximise times when your restaurant or spa is quiet and talk directly to your guests throughout their guest journey.

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Guest Feedback

Valuable insights from your guests

Surveys are integrated with both Google and TripAdvisor, making it easy for your satisfied guests to share their experiences.

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Local activities and places

Guide your guests to the best places and activities through the power of your hotel app. Reduce all these FAQs by giving your customers all the information about nearby places of interest directly on their mobile. 

Mobile Booking


Make booking your property as easy as a, b, c and encourage repeat bookings via your hotel app. Our clients experience a significant increase in direct bookings coming directly from app users.

How to videos for serviced apartments app

How-to videos

Help your guests use appliances

With the power and ease of video guides, you can instruct your guests on absolutely anything you want. Simply record the video on your phone or camera, and upload it to your mobile app.

Getting Around

Transport information

Share public transport information with your guests. Let them easily find timetables of buses, trams or taxis. 


Share your password and instructions

Easily share your WiFi login detail so that your guests can get connected as soon as they get to your property.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...

Integrate your social media platforms so your visitors can follow you on their favourite channels and share great pics of their experience in your property!

Emergency Services

Hospitals, doctors, fire services

Provide your guests easy links to call emergency services directly from your app. This can be particularly helpful for international guests.


Display your local weather

Let your guests easily look up the weather so they can start planning their trip.